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Colors | Southeastern Rubber Mulch


southern cyprus

Southern Cypress
Growing in popularity and an excellent choice for gardeners that may leave some leaf debris in their beds. Natural looking and a refreshing change if you have become tired of dyed red mulches. Easy on the eyes and complimentary to nearly all color palettes.

cedar redcedar red

Cedar Red
Our most popular color. A rustic red that shows off the foliage in your beds. This red will sharply contrast the green plant material as your eye will lead to the foliage.

mocha brownmocha

Mocha Brown
Our second most popular color. A dark chocolate brown with a hint of red. This color will take your eye to the ground and creates a very formal look in the simplest of landscape designs.

black onyxblack onyx

Black Onyx
Jet Black and often referred to as “coal black”. If you are looking for a show stopper our Black Onyx will do the trick. Extremely Ambien generic formal. Your eye will focus on the width of your bed and will make colorful foliage come alive.

turf greenturf green

Turf Green
Often used in high traffic wear areas where natural turf is difficult to sustain. This color was originally developed to match artificial turf and is the most popular color in our Everlast Kids line.

ocean blueocean blue

Ocean Blue
Great for dock areas, around pools, or to create a faux water feature without the maintenance.